Relax and Take a Day Spa Vacation

You work hard taking care of your home, your family, not to mention your full time career.  Don’t you think it might be time for a little pampering?  We thought so too!  Whether you are due for some relaxing massage, or a full day of beauty, a trip to a spa in long island will be just what the doctor ordered.  It’s time for you to unwind and escape from the stress and reality of life by awakening your senses at Day Spa.  If you are visiting us for the first time, it is perfectly normal for you to have questions about what to expect, and what to do.  Here is a step by step guide to how you can receive the ultimate Day Spa experience

Plan Ahead
We want to make sure you have the most relaxing experience possible.  The first step to doing that is to be sure that we have time allotted just for you.  To schedule your spa getaway, simply call us and speak with someone on our reception team.  Not only will they be able to schedule your appointment, but they will happily recommend treatments that we offer, and guide you through our services.

When you arrive at Red Hots day spa long island we’d like to know as much about you as possible.  Please make us aware of any health or medical concerns you have that might be affected by our services.  We will provide you with a full list of treatments that we provide, and you are welcome to ask us any questions regarding how treatments may affect you.

Turn Off the World
Many of us have trouble disconnecting from technology these days.  However, we recommend that you switch off all mobile devices once you begin your day at the spa.  This experience is meant to be a healthy and relaxing getaway.  No need for you to be checking emails or answering texts while you’re here.  A visit to Day Spa means that you are cleansing not only your body, but your mind and spirit as well.

Valuable Objects
All of our treatments are conducted free of jewelry.  Please don’t bring any valuable possessions into the spa.  If you need to leave something with the reception team, just let us know, and we will provide a locker for you. If you are getting a spray tan long island, you’d need to remove all accessories from your body.

Mothers To Be

We proudly offer amenities that are safe and relaxing for our clients that are expecting.  When you schedule your appointment, please let us know if you are pregnant so we may recommend some revitalizing treatments for you.

Free Your Mind

Now all that you have left to do is relax.  Let us do everything for you.  We proudly offer treatments that are guaranteed to revitalize your body, mind, and spirit.  Escape with day spa long island by booking your appointment with us today.